Steve Howe: “‘Clap’ is the first song I ever wrote, and I think it’s really a good piece. I wrote it on the 4th of August in 1969, when my oldest son, Dylan, was born. The very night that he was born, I finished the song. Originally, it was a dedication to Chet Atkins, but then it became a dedication to Dylan. It combined a lot of things I’d learned or imagined. I always wanted to write music, and when I decided to write solo guitar music, it was earth-shattering inside, because suddenly I was an independent person. I could stand up on stage and play Clap. That meant as much to me as it did to be in Yes.”

YES – ‘Clap’ written & performed by Steve Howe

Live at the Rainbow Theatre, London, December 1972

Taken from the YES live concert film ‘YesSongs’, available on DVD at


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