For their triumphant #YES50 world tour, the band wanted a concert tourbook that celebrated their incredible musical accomplishment, rich history and catalog of studio recordings, and the remarkable innovation, production value and stagecraft they’ve always brought to their live shows. They wanted an elegant book befitting of this historic anniversary year, and turned to The Gottlieb Bros., who pulled out all of the stops to deliver what surely is the largest, most comprehensive concert tour programme ever created. The book, published in very limited edition quantity, is on sale now at YES’ live shows.

Doug and Glenn Gottlieb have history with YES dating back to the seventies. “For us, YES has always been THE band. There’s YES, and then there’s everyone else. Nothing has ever come close to YES music,” they’re proud to proclaim. Over a span of several decades, the brothers have produced dozens of album and video package designs, produced tour merchandise, written biographies, and conducted interviews with every member of YES over the years, while amassing the world’s largest collection of YES and YES-related memorabilia. And having photographed the band extensively since 1980, the Gottliebs have built an enormous archive of classic images featuring YES performing live, as well as studio portraits.

People often ask us why we shoot so much year after year. We do it because we want to capture, in a single image made in just 1/250th of a second, that feeling we get from listening to YES music. And we try to communicate that experience visually in a photo. It sounds a little mad. And it is! We’re after something that’s impossible to achieve, but we have to keep trying. And each year, we get just a little bit closer to catching that lightning in a bottle.

Debuting in time for the opening leg of YES’ world tour in England, the first printing of the programme weighs in at a whopping 124 pages and measures 12 inches square so as to sit comfortably and proudly amongst classic vinyl LPs. It features extensive interviews, new and old, with all of the current members of YES, as well as new insights from special guest and co-founding member Tony Kaye. “Knowing all of the members of YES as we have throughout the years has been a great pleasure and privilege. They’ve always been so generous with their time, granting interviews and delving deep into the details of these legendary recordings with us. Our exclusive interviews, conducted over many, many years provided the foundation for the text of the tourbook. It was great to be able travel through this incredible history of YES and share it with fans so they could experience YES talking about this great music in their own words.

The first printing completely sold out. In between the U.K. and U.S. tour legs, YES released Fly From Here — Return Trip, featuring Trevor Horn on vocals. “One of the things we were particularly proud of with this book was how up-to-date it was. Then of course, the minute we went to press, plans for ‘Return Trip were officially announced. Fortunately, YES’ management and the great merchandising team over at Manhead Merch were happy to have us update and expand the book for the second printing.” The Gottliebs added 24 new pages to the book (that’s the size of a full tourbook in any other year!), bringing the total page count up to 148. They’ve included more photos, memorabilia and a brand new interview with legendary producer Trevor Horn.

It was great to chat with Trevor Horn again,” the Gottliebs explain. “He’s always incredibly busy producing hits for everyone and is working with his own band too, so we really appreciated him taking the time to update us on Return Trip. He has great stories and obviously has a huge soft spot in his heart for the band. He always seems to be there for YES at those very pivotal moments in their career. We got to see him perform that legendary show at Madison Square Garden in New York where YES set the all-time sold out attendance record for the Garden at that time during the Drama tour. It was a monumental show. And of course, he really helped shape “Owner Of A Lonely Heart” and 90125 for YES in the Eighties, and has helped them make a modern classic YES album in Return Trip.

Of course, no YES project would be complete without Roger Dean, whose iconic logos and paintings are so much a part of the legacy of the band. “We’ve known Roger for as long as we’ve known YES,” says Doug and Glenn. “His brilliant logo and images on the covers of Yessongs drew us to YES the first place. And it is always mind blowing to see his originals up close and in person, as we did this winter on the fantastic Cruise To The Edge, where we got to chat about #YES50 for the tourbook and catch up a bit. He’s so gifted in so many disciplines: illustration, painting, graphics, architecture — you name it. And everything he does is instantly recognizable as his own. We know fans will enjoy reading this brand new interview in the book.

With a limited edition of only 800, the official #YES50 concert tour programme is on sale only at #YES50 concerts on a first come first served basis, look for it at the merchandise stand. Get one now while supplies last!
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